Monday, September 26, 2011

Our own private island

Our architect presented us with three awesome plans for renovating and expanding our cottage, and just in the nick of time--after spending a couple of weeks bumping around this tiny house like a pinball, I was almost ready to put it back on the market!

Our favorite plan expands the kitchen out toward the front by bumping out the front window and toward the back by a couple of feet as well. She's proposing a banquette-type dining area in the window and a small island in the center, which sounds heavenly. I like the idea of the island being small and functional, not necessarily a place for seating, since the seating area will be so close by and bar stools are a recipe for disaster with little ones anyway. I like these kitchens with both a banquette and an island--this first one in particular looks very similar to what I imagine she's talking about.

This second one I like for two reasons. First, I like the island made from the same materials as the rest of the cabinets and countertop--I think this may work better in our kitchen where there will already be a table and chairs in contrasting materials so close by. Second, Ryan really likes this type of table and I like to let him have an opinion in this process once in a while. :)

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