Saturday, October 8, 2011

Front entry, take 2

So the front of our house currently looks like this-

Not too exciting. The porch isn't original to the house, and the previous owner went in a bit of a Spanish direction with some terracotta tiles that we're not fond of. The porch columns have also been eaten up by termites, so it has to be redone anyway. We also need to create more space in the kitchen for a dining area (there's no dining room), so our architect suggested we bump out the front kitchen wall by a couple of feet and go in a more Tudor direction with the entry. I don't have a rendering to post yet, but her idea is kinda sorta like this-

It has two peaks on the left side, a stone veneer arched entry, a steeper roof (so we can add an attic) and a dormer on the right side. The bigger peak on ours wouldn't be as high, and there wouldn't be a window there, but you get the gist. I had told her I really wanted the house to still look like it was built in 1932, and I think she nailed it.

Now I'm debating colors for the stucco, window frames and trim. I think I want a light color for the body of the house, not tan or olive. The house next door to us is tan stucco with dark brown trim and window frames, and I don't want to mimic that at all. This one is the closest to traditional Tudor colors that I've found that I like, with the lighter body and dark trim. But I like that the dark color is more of a greenish gray instead of traditional Tudor dark brown.

Here's an ivory/green combination that I like and that looks nice with the stone. (This is Kate Hudson's guest house. Not the little cottage on the left--the whole thing.)

I wish I had a better photo of this house, because I really like the color combo. The windows and bit of trim at the top are taupe-ish, which I think isn't as jarring a contrast as the very dark trim.

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