Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mudroom ideas

Lots of thoughts on a mudroom/laundry room/office. This is what I envision if we want to go basic and budget--some hooks at kid and adult heights, a bench and some baskets. Nothing fancy, doesn't take up much space.

This one would fall more in the "dream" category--I don't think we want to put in quite so much cabinetry--but we like the look. Also I liked how this one flows into the kitchen, if we needed to go that route.

This one I like because of the way they've put a countertop over the washer and dryer--I envision doing something similar with butcher block, if that's what we use in the kitchen, to provide a nice clothes-folding/work space.

This one I mostly like for the black and white floor and for the way this narrow space incorporates everything we need--laundry, office, mudroom for dropping off stuff on the way in.

If the office has to be incorporated into the mudroom, I like the idea of continuing a butcher block countertop to create a desk space.


  1. Lovely photos and ideas, Julia! My only thought here is if going with butcher block or built in desk surface, you may wish to have slide out keyboard or lap top sitting areas for wrist ergonomics.

  2. The mudroom photo is great. Where did you purchase the storage bench and pillow? Please do tell. I will be redoing my foyer within the next week, and I absolutely love it!