Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Attic "conversion"

OK, so we don't have an attic to convert. But if by some crazy chance we get to include an attic/half story on our addition, I have plenty of ideas about what to do with it. First we need storage, so at least part of it would really need to be used as an attic. But for the other space...

A little bedroom or office with some bookshelves like these would be wonderful-

And our dream of all dreams: a playroom. So many things to love about this one, including all the shelving and storage for toys, the comfy seating area, the craft/game table and chairs, and the great set-up for the TV (here's how we could get it out of the living room!).

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  1. But then no one could watch games unless they're in the kids' playroom! : P I do believe I am the only one making comments. It IS okay to make comments? BTW, I saw the top of a garage changed to an extension of the 2nd floor with addition of 2 windows, bathroom, and lots of built in shelves - very much like this. Was a LOVELY addition for the kids. In your home would this also serve as guest sleeping area (say, pull-out couch)?