Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hall/kids' bath

Our architect told me to start looking at finishes for the renovation, so I guess this thing might turn out to be more than drawings on paper after all. In particular I'm supposed to concentrate on the baths, which is no problem because I could look at pictures of bathrooms for hours. Actually, I already have...

The hall bath will be the kids' bath as well as the guest bath. That's kind of a tough combination, because on the one hand it should be kid-friendly and on the other hand it should look presentable when grown-ups need to use it. One conclusion I reached is that this bath (as opposed to the master) can have sinks with no ledges or cabinets below. Kids don't need a counter to rest a hair dryer on or lots of drawers to stash makeup and medicine. Basically they use the bathroom to take baths, brush their teeth, wash their hands, and, well, use the bathroom. So my first idea for a sink was this one (ignore the fish). I like the double sinks, the vintage look, and the chrome bar across the front that is a perfect towel holder for little ones.

But then I remembered an awesome schoolhouse sink I had seen, and I went off in that direction instead.

Adorable, right? I'd only want two faucets, not three, but the vintage feel is perfect, it's totally kid-appropriate, and it can also look grown-up and charming-

This is almost exactly the look I have in mind, except using a double sink instead of a triple-

In addition to the sink, I like:
  • separate built-in medicine cabinets with longer mirrors, low enough for the kids to see themselves. If these aren't in our budget, just two long mirrors (like those in the top photo) could probably work too.
  • small white hex tile floor, maybe with gray grout?
  • some type of cabinet or shelving on at least one side of the sink for toothbrushes, extra towels, etc.
  • a basket or two underneath the sink to use as laundry hampers
  • white subway tile for the shower
Next up--the master bath!


  1. Since Roger & hope to be two of your guests, I'd like to suggest a sink arrangement in the hallway bath on which I could temporarily place a hairdryer or toothpaste tube.

  2. Lovely photos, as always! First thought: Guests with knee or back problems, people in wheelchairs, or children sometimes need a lower tub (one of the photos showed a kind of tall tile tub). Second thought: reachable sinks (whether child, adult w/broken leg, grandmother in wheelchair, church friend, whoever)? Third thought: since you have a daughter, and depending how long you plan to stay in that home, she may appreciate room for hair dryer and makeup and hair accessories (as may your adult children or future owners). I know your space is limited. The wall shelves or mounted mirrored cabinets are such great ideas! I had wall shelves by my sink in my tiny bathroom in Switzerland. Everything you're looking at is so beautiful, I have so much fun just looking at it all! Have fun! : )