Friday, November 11, 2011


For the flooring we hope to keep the hardwoods that we already have, put unfinished wood in the kitchen, new master bedroom, and office, and then finish everything at the same time. Right now we have a classic golden brown color in the living room and small bedroom, but strangely the larger bedroom is stained a darker brown--and we really like it. I've heard that very dark wood floors show dust/pet hair/dirt like crazy, so we don't want to go with an espresso or ebony stain. But we haven't had any issues with the darker brown floor looking particularly dirty, so we want to go with something similar throughout the house. Something along these lines would be lovely-

I like how they still have a golden tone to them, just slightly darker to add richness and go with the style and character of our home.


  1. How would those gorgeous, rich floors contrast or match or work with the butcher block counters you have been considering?

  2. We have two kitchen ideas. One is white cabinets, wood floors, black soapstone countertops. The other is white cabinets, black and white checkered linoleum floors, wood countertops. :)