Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kitchen - open shelving

While we wait (and wait, and wait, and wait) to start work on the house, I'm working with our architect and Ryan to choose interior finishes. That's the most fun part for me, and while Ryan acts bored with most of it, he does have opinions and most of the time I listen to them. Case in point: We've decided to include open shelving on either side of one window in the kitchen, and he strongly prefers stainless shelves over white painted wood (like our cabinets). I like the stainless look as well, and fortunately Ikea has several options so it's affordable.

I especially like this last example because I want the shelving to be more practical, holding dishes and glasses we use everyday, than decorative. This is such a great cross between functional and pretty.


  1. I especially love the hanging teacups. I would do that if I had room. I really like the look of the middle photo.

  2. I tend to love more open space aesthetically, plus it's more practical to just reach up rather than deal with doors all the time. So I'm a big fan of open shelves for things used frequently. You live in earthquake territory. Is "potential falling stuff" an issue?