Sunday, November 20, 2011

Color conundrum

We're starting to think about color for the exterior of our house, and there are lots of ideas floating around. We've ditched the stone idea and will just have a stucco exterior, still somewhat Tudor in style, with a slate entry porch floor and/or walkway. Feel free to chime in with opinions about our current top color contenders, knowing we'll feel free to ignore said opinions if they don't agree with ours.

1) Benjamin Moore Desert Twilight - a medium greenish gray. We'd paint the trim a light color and paint the door in a eye-catching color, as these homeowners did.

2) Benjamin Moore Durango - a darker version of the color above. Trim and door ideas same as above.

3) Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble - a pale gray-green. We'd paint the trim some version of white and the door black, as shown here.

4) Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter - more of a warm gray. We'd paint the trim white and the door could be either black or a more eye-catching color.


  1. I like the lighter colors of #3 & #4 -- looks more like California. Eliz-

  2. Julia, this is Aunt Alice. Your parents have shown me your blog. I love the pics. of your 3 children. Brother is quite a young man. About your house, I love the proposed new exterior, and the #3 Sherwin-Williams color is one I really like. I agree with your Mom that it looks like sunny Calif.